Everyone hates getting a traffic ticket and then trying to resolve it without going to court. But for over-the-road truck drivers, an unresolved traffic ticket can mean lost income or a lost job.

Bryan Shannon’s own experience as a college student led him to create TicketRX to make the resolution process easier. TicketRX is a digital platform that streamlines resolving traffic violations for motorists, especially over-the-road truck drivers. The platform offers a one-touch system that connects drivers with local traffic attorneys nationwide who handle the case from start to finish, in most cases requiring no court appearance.

“As a college student, I had a fast car and lead foot,” Shannon said. “I initially started TicketRX as a solution to give everyday individuals quick access to attorneys. I quickly discovered that a traffic ticket to an average individual is just an inconvenience, but to someone who drives for a living, it could mean their job.”

Shannon conducted market research at area truck stops, where commercial truck drivers said one of their biggest concerns is keeping low scores with the Compliance Safety Accountability, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance program. TicketRX helps truck drivers by offering a quick and convenient way to connect to attorneys to resolve traffic citations and avoid increased insurance costs, loss of revenue, employment or jail.

 Here’s how it works. Through the TicketRX platform, a motorist uses a smartphone to answer a few questions from TicketRX’s chatbot and then uploads a photo of the ticket. The information is sent to a ticket resolution portal, and an attorney on the platform responds within 24 hours. If both parties agree to the terms, the attorney will handle the case.

To help his business grow, Shannon sought business services from the UMKC Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC). Jill Meyer, an SBTDC senior business development and commercialization consultant, helped Shannon with some major decisions and provides ongoing business consulting. Rebecca Gubbels, a SBTDC business and program development consultant, directed Shannon to the Digital Sandbox program, which awarded TicketRX a $25,000 grant. As a result, TicketRX has been featured in media stories in Startland News and the Kansas City Business Journal.

“I had several strategy sessions with Jill Meyer. She really helped me think through a few major decisions with my business. SBTDC was (and continues to be) a valuable resource for TicketRX,” Shannon said.



Bryan Shannon