“Jill Hathaway in particular has been a mentor, a consultant, as well as a personal coach in supporting me throughout my career. She and SBTDC provide an extensive curriculum that assists companies in growing their business. I believe every time I meet with her I grow from the experience, not to mention I am always amazed at how much information and support I receive. As I sit here and write I know without a doubt that I can say my success has been achieved by the support I received from SBTDC.”

Terri Ritchie, Co-Owner, Thunderbird Electric Supply 

“I would just like to express my sincere appreciation for the support that SBTDC, specifically Jill Hathaway has given me and my design business, Window Treatments and More! Inc., this past year (2017).  After 35 years in business, I can easily say, there is always more to learn-update-reevaluate about your business! This team has been such a joy to bounce ideas off of, and fill in the “blanks” I would just never have thought of! This lady has been so patient and understanding of time constraints of running a small/WBE business, I would strongly recommend, at any point in your business legacy, make time to stop and work with this wonderful business resource.”

Marsha Ross, ASID Designer/Owner, Window Treatments and More! Inc.