You’re ridiculously busy at work. The kids need summer activities planned. It’s time to schedule the dog’s annual checkup, and you have 50 thank-you notes that need to go out. What if you had a personal assistant who could handle it all? Better yet, what if your employer offered it to you as a benefit?

That’s the brilliant concept behind Rhonda Dolan’s business, Üdo. And it’s paying off. Dolan is gaining the attention of employers and investors and recently received the 2019 Greater Kansas Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Using a technology based system, Nolan created a personal assistant service that lets you go online to schedule and pay for help only when you need it. Your assistant can do all the tasks above and plan a party menu or a family vacation. For an hour’s work, the cost is $30. Two hours costs $50 and 4.5 hours is $99.

“Üdo is an emerging technology,” said Rhonda Dolan, Üdo’s founder. “It’s bringing personal assistant access to individuals when and how they need it at an everyday affordable price.”

Individuals could find their own personal assistant, but the big payoff is when companies treat their employees to a few hours of a personal assistant’s time. It takes stress off employees and helps them be more productive at work. It’s a win-win for employers and their workers.

Dolan knows a few things about being overwhelmed. She’s a single parent who previously was helping companies find meaningful health and wellness solutions. She was living the work/family balancing act and saw a need for an employer-based solution.

“Helping successful companies reduce their employees’ stress and increase employee productivity, Üdo employer solutions is committed to enhancing your company brand and culture,” Nolan said.

Dolan started Üdo in May 2018 and sought business and technology guidance from the Small Business Development & Technology Center (SBTDC).

“The entrepreneurial journey is one filled with challenges, she said. “It is often what attracts us to the journey – the opportunity to solve problems.”

Üdo has had a few challenges trying to take a vision and making it both solve a problem and be a valuable business proposition.

“It requires learning new skills, melding these with current skills and finding the right people to help you in your journey,” she said.

Dolan gained an essential business foundation in the SBTDC ELEVATIONLAB™ TECH VENTURE class, an intensive eight-session course designed to give technology and science based entrepreneurs a proven framework and network of connections to help grow a great idea into a business. The course helps identify funding and investors, shows entrepreneurs how to make a pitch and helps with financial projections and business feasibility planning. Nolan was selected as a Digital Sandbox winner and has received more than $100,000 in funding assistance.

Dolan also credits her business growth to the ongoing business coaching she receives from Sally Williams, SBTDC technology development and commercialization consultant.

 “SBTDC was instrumental in the very early stages of our start up,” Dolan explained. “Sally’s informed and no-nonsense approach to advising helped me to focus in on what mattered most in the very early stages. The encouragement that came along with that toughness was essential.”

To see how Üdo works, companies can request a free demo at Üdo.


Rhonda Dolan

1828 Walnut St, Suite 301, Kansas City, MO