Amy Slattery spent 18 years as a registered architect working with leading design and construction firms in Kansas City. With groundbreaking high design and sustainability, her career was moving forward in these large offices and corporate settings. Sometimes, it just takes a moment of perspective shift for things to go in a completely new direction. For Amy, the loss of an impactful mentor was that shift. In 2015, Odimo was born out of the simple question; “What am I waiting for?”.

She started a business plan for Odimo that day and collaborated with another start up and former colleague to cement the brand and LLC. Amy participated in the FastTrac program and launched the new company on February 15, 2016. The quick growth from dining room table, to co-working space to the current larger offices with room to grow came from Amy’s local network and the multiple referrals she received. Within six months, she had hired her first employee.

Amy had the necessary wealth of knowledge in her field and now she has learned as much about becoming a CEO.

“Business twists? Daily! That’s the thrill of starting a growing a company, particularly so in the AEC Industry.”

Challenges arise for entrepreneur. Amy has worked through some growing pains of her own with human resources and hiring processes.

“We are a small, nimble and growth focused company, which means it can be an intense work environment, but full of opportunities for professional growth daily. This is a place for people who want to take their own career to the next level.”

Who better to teach you that than a business leader who has won the 2019 Greater KC Chamber Top 10 Small Business of the Year and the 2019 AIA Firm of the Year? These incredible accomplishments haven’t come without being willing to reach out for help.

A graduate of ScaleUP! Kansas City, Amy continues to work with Jill Meyer and Jill Hathaway at the Missouri SBDC at UMKC through all aspects, growing pains and massive changes in her business trajectory.

“ScaleUP! KC has been instrumental in how we are taking things to the next level. Our goal is to grow a business that sustains that growth, even through future economic downturns. We know our next steps to get there and the Missouri SBDC has been there for us to further refine these next steps.”

Amy’s counselors have been available for continued support through tough decisions and refueling confidence to stay the course. She knows that is the long-term challenge for any CEO of a small business.

“My ScaleUP! Cohort and other ScaleUP! Graduates have been so important. As the sole owner of a company, the support of other CEOs going through very similar business issues has been, and will continue to be, essential to the success of our company.”

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