Is my business eligible?

The Dare to Venture Peer Micro-Grant Video Competition is open to all Urban Business Growth Initiative scholarship–funded graduates of UMKC Innovation Center Entrepreneurial Education extended entrepreneurship courses, including those who will graduate from the 2020 Winter/Spring SBDC sessions. All applicants must still live in or have their businesses located within the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

Qualifying courses include:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Training formerly called Ice House
  • GROWTH360

>> Not sure if you’re eligible? Ask! Email to confirm your eligibility.

What if I haven’t technically started my business yet?

You can still compete! If your venture is still in concept stage, simply follow the parameters and suggested content discussing what the business will be and what your assumptions are based on. The Urban Business Growth Initiative is the City of Kansas City supporting both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What if I’ve started a different business than the concept I worked on in my class?

That is fine, too! The principles of entrepreneurship taught in all Small Business Development Center business courses are universally applicable. If you’ve graduated and still live in or have your business in KC, feel free to apply for the new entrepreneurial endeavor you’re working on.

Is there an application fee?

There is no fee to apply or participate in the competition.

When is the application deadline?

Online applications close at noon CST on April 15, 2020.

How do I submit my video?

Videos must be first uploaded to YouTube. Submit that YouTube link to the Dare to Venture online application form. More information about uploading a YouTube video can be found here.

Do I need to have my video made professionally?

Nope. We want you focused on growing your business, not special effects! Just consider the video parameters thoughtfully and be clear in your responses. Capturing your content should be possible with just a phone or digital camera.

There will be two Competition Orientation sessions held in February to provide general information, content suggestions, as well as video tips and tricks. The orientation dates are February 13 and 25. More details about those sessions can be found here.

Who judges the videos?

This is an exclusively peer-evaluated contest. So, the same Urban Business Growth Initiative scholarship graduates who are eligible to participate as applicants are also the only eligible judges. Who better to review your business than your fellow Kansas City entrepreneurs who are in the trenches with you every day?

Once the application period has ended, all graduates will receive an email notification that the peer voting period has begun. All necessary judging logistics and links will be included in that message. The voting message will also include reminders of the contest’s suggested content to include.

Can I submit and choose not to vote?

Yes. However, why pass up a chance to support your fellow Kansas City entrepreneurs AND vote to win money for your company at the same time?

Can I vote even if don’t submit a video?

Yes. We know that there may be reasons why you may choose not to submit a video, but your opinion as a fellow KC entrepreneur still matters! Please take time to vote whether you apply yourself or not. There will be a ca$h prize opportunity for all those who take the time to vote.

Can I vote for my own submission?

Of course you can! You’ll be required to rate and rank the other video applications as part of the process, but you may certainly vote for your own company.

I have additional questions. How can I learn more?

Contact Michelle Kretsinger, SBDC Program Coordinator, at (816) 235-6063 or