The Hardship Accommodation Plan, created in response to COVID EIDL borrowers facing short term financial setbacks, allows borrowers to make reduced payments over the course of six months, paying a minimum of 10% a month.

To Note:

  • The Hardship Accommodation Plan is not an additional deferment and COVID EIDL will not be forgiven through this.
  • Interest will continue to accumulate on loans enrolled in the Hardship Accommodation Plan.
  • Borrowers may make a request through CAFS if their loan is no greater than $200,000. Scroll down for enrollment instructions. For loans greater than $200,000, borrowers can email the COVID EIDL Servicing Center at to learn more about the Hardship Accommodation Plan (include “Hardship Accommodation Plan” in the subject line).
  • Borrowers who are struggling to repay should contact the SBA COVID EIDL Service Center at 833-853-5638 or for more information about the Hardship Accommodation Plan.

If you have concerns about making your payments, or would like to discuss an alternative through the Hardship Accommodation Plan, contact the customer service staff at or 1-833-853-5638″

Hardship Accommodation Plan Recommended Routing

CAFS Enrollment

  1.     Log in to CAFS. CAFS can be accessed via
  2.     Select “Borrower,” then “Borrower Search.”
  3. Select the relevant loan number.
  4.     At the bottom of the page, select “Enroll in the Hardship Accommodation Plan.”
  5.     A pop-up window will appear, where borrowers will agree to the terms and conditions. Note: If the window does not appear, ensure pop-up blockers are turned off.
  6.     The payment amount in the pop-up will automatically populate as 10% of the monthly payment amount (with a $25 minimum), but borrowers can manually enter a larger number if they choose.
  7.     Select “Save” to complete the enrollment process.